Producer, Anthony Davis, talks about starting out as a DJ and how he juggles the beat-making duties for Atmosphere, Brother Ali, Felt, and others with the Whole Music club from the University of Minnesota.

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because editing someone else's copyrighted photo without permission isnt stealing in a sense right....right. Great response to that anon dude

All of the photos I have posted, I haven’t edited.

I don’t have the time or the programs to edit these pictures.

Like I said, if there’s a credit to be owed, let me know. I really wouldn’t go through the trouble of editing a picture just to take credit for it.

Because you’re perfect.

'Explain your musical relationship with Slug. How have you all been able to communicate in the studio with each other over the years?'

Ant: We really challenge each other. We are both willing to do anything and take risks musically. At this point there isn’t that much discussion any more. We have a base that we start from and from there we just make it happen. We are both willing to take risks with the music so we can do a straight up hip-hop tune or a blues tune or a folk tune and it all seems natural to us.

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i'll be in FL soon. i'm from NJ, but finishing my last year at UCF. i seen atmosphere last september in whorelando! ;)


I have a handful of friends that go to UCF. That school is pretty as fuck.

But that’s dope. I live in Miami. You saw them around the same time I did. They were in Miami last September too.  (:

"C’mon, woke up at the taste of dawn,
When the city’s bloodline starts to push it along,
The generators on those public buses,
Is enough to bust you out of any dream that you stuck in,
I guess that’s the chance you taking,
When you camp out in front of that transfer station,
And this town got no answers to chase,
That’s why he always sleeps near the transportation,
Panhandle it, transient freedom,
Transplant, he ain’t from this region,
And when the wind starts to whisper its lips,
He knows enough to pack it up and dip out before the winter hits.”

"Bring me the head of whoever said ‘play fair’,
I want to sit in my chair and wear a blank stare,
Fuck being king of the hill,
When the music dies you’ll be the first one the villagers kill,
Walk in circles, dizzy up the movement,
Talk in circles, the underground’s polluted,
Lots of circles, you wonderin’ where you fit,
Stop the circles!”

Song of the Day

1597 | Atmosphere

"Atmosphere! The mic, let me clutch it,
Thoughts take flight so fit the Slug in your pipe and take a puff kid,
Fuck it! I heat it like a tea pot - steam hot,
Upon the roof: shoot a marble with the verbal slingshot,
Take aim, here I came, I’m the same,
Back in ‘86, I’da tag my name upon your window pane,
Stained the mind: a deep shade of residue,
Voices within the head make choices multiple,
Multiply Spawn, Slug a little buzz,
And Atmosphere the scuds, cause here come the judge,
Blasted; so past the kid a mic so we can paint this,
Image of the gifted-anxious, to flip the language.”

fashionablymodest asked:
I live right next to Tarpon Springs, usually considered next to the Tampa area.

Oh, that’s dope! It’s not too far. I go to Gainesville a lot even though Tampa is West from there.

And you traveled all the way to Memphis to see Atmosphere?

What tour was it for, if you don’t mind me asking?

Song of the Day

They Always Know | Atmosphere

"Ex-boyfriendships with benefits,
Whiskey binges and stimulated sedatives,
Sky-high on the floor of your closet,
Thinking ‘bout life and how it tastes like garbage,
It’s time to get gone away from this town,
Seems still wants to blame her surroundings,
Got a grudge and a pocket of neurotic love,
Played a perfect game but forgot what the object was,
Where’s the book that the answers are sketched in?
Life lessons, all types of questions.”

"I heard a bird cry - it was pathetic,
Man, if you can fly, spread feathers like a message,
As long as I can hit my notes, I’ma,
Stay on top this box of soap,
I felt the track slip, but didn’t pull breaks,
I’m half dead, but already got a full plate,
As long as I can hit my notes…”

Rhymesayers fam,

Quick question for ya’ll…

Do any of my followers live in Florida? If so, write in my ask and let me know.


RSE fam,


You have no idea how amazing this is to me. Especially since I’ve been slacking on you guys. All of you are too dope.

Thanks to everyone that has followed, contributed, and shared to help make this blog. I wouldn’t keep it up without you guys.

fashionablymodest asked:
On another note: Atmosphere's fan base is just as amazing. It was my very first concert and I was in the back. Somehow, people kept ushering me forward because I was 5'0" and they felt bad since I was so short compared to everyone. I got pushed near the front, and the people in the front row found out it was my first concert and insisted I get in front of them. So I ended up in the very front for the whole show. It was an amazing experience and I'll never forget how great the fans are.

I agree with you 1000000000 percent on this! And that is the EXACT reason as to why I made this blog. Not only because of my eternal love for Atmosphere and all things RSE, but for the dedicated fans. We’re a family.

I was given similar treatment. I talked to people who were around me and told them that it was my first time seeing Atmosphere and they literally just moved to the side and said, “Go on ahead.”

I hope that you writing to me encourages my other followers to share their stories/experiences with me. I want to read and hear all about them.

Thank you, again, for sharing. You’re dope, fam. (: